[cairo] How to get truetype contour points with cairo

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 Hi James,
Give the following a try and see if it is close to what you are after.
cairo3d_text_UI.c athttps://gitlab.com/cecashon/OrderedSetVelociRaptor/-/blob/master/Misc/cairo3d/cairo3d_text_UI.c
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Subject: [cairo] How to get truetype contour points with cairo

 #yiv9516126581 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}For rendering text with cairo, my understanding is that:   
   - use pango to get each position of glyph
   - use cairo to render such glyph
For 2, I think the cairo use some libraries (x rendering or xft library) to parse font file (installed in the system) and get vector information of each glyph and convert such vector information to screen pixel (rasterization and anti-alias, etc).
My question is:    
   - does cairo use freetype library (called by x rendering or xft) to parse the truetype font file?
   - can I get vector information of each glyph (like contour points and bezier control points)?
ThanksJames Hao-- 
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