[cairo] rendering changes cairo 1.16 -> 1.17.4

Felix Schwarz felix.schwarz at oss.schwarz.eu
Mon Mar 1 07:52:41 UTC 2021

Am 28.02.21 um 23:32 schrieb Heiko Lewin:
> You are referring to commits dealing with glyph-rasterization. The
> images you posted do not really seem to be concerned with glyphs at all.
> Can you clarify?

I'd love to but unfortunately I can't. I'm only seeing this via WeasyPrint which 
is a HTML -> PDF tool written in Python. Deep inside it uses cairo for the final 
PDF generation but there is quite a bit of code on top.

Anyway I'll try to work my way through WeasyPrint extract the cairo code in 
Python. The Python code should be very close to a regular C program which uses 
cairo as it uses cffi to interface with cairo.


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