[Clipart] Couple of Notes

Alberto Simões hashashin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 11:44:41 PDT 2004

> > I can go to both (the three) directions:
> >
> > 1. Navigation by "folder"
> > 2. show random images
> > 3. use unsorted.
> >
> > What way to go?
> I'd like to see a random selection as the default.
> Unsorted could include recently submitted images that have not been
> checked and that some people might potentially find offensive so they
> should be excluded from the random selection.

> I think little folder icons (or something) beside the categories/keywords
> might help too.  The way they are boxed out seems a little bit too
> seperate from the Images being shown seperately, could the deeply nested
> tables be restructured?  (Netscape 4.x took forever to render nested
> tables but that is not really important anymore but I still favour
> simple design).

I can try to simplify the box layout.
Regarding the menu design... give me a week (maybe less) so I have a
little more time.
> Could rootdir be changed to something else like 'start' or 'home'?  Root
> is a very unix specific term and the term directory rarely gets used
> because folder is considered simpler.

Home sounds good.
> - Alan H.

Alberto Simões

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