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David Illsley david at illsley.org
Wed Jun 9 00:56:29 PDT 2004

Forgive me if this suggestion is going round in circles. But...
Why not have a directory structure based on the submission date for 
general storage. This would allow nicu's readme to reside with the 
files on the server anyway. There could then be a translation process, 
taking the keywords from the metadata and creating an appropriate 
directory structure. It would also have the added advantage that if we 
were trying to generate a package for a specific "area", files with 
multiple categories could be pulled together in an appropriate 
structure rather than left in a more general structure.

When transfered to a client oriented structure, clearly we don't want 
millions of readmes from different authors kicking around so either we 
can embed them in the svg files or host the readmes and embed a link to 
them. (I think that's a better plan personally)


On 9 Jun 2004, at 08:42, Bryce Harrington wrote:

> I've gathered together all of the submitted works to the website, added
> niku's most excellent work, and placed them into a new CVS module 
> called
> 'openclipart', available from our CVS repository.
> Here's a listing of the categories:
> 2d_geometry    callouts      flowers      LICENSE.txt             
> road_signs_uk
> 3d_geometry    clock         folders      logos                   
> road_signs_us
> animals        coat_of_arms  food         misc                    
> smileys
> arrows         computer      fruits       misc2                   
> special
> barcode        computers     games        office                  
> sports
> batchsvgtopng  CVS           graph_paper  people                  tools
> birthday       drinks        halloween    plot_graphs             toys
> body_parts     electronics   happy        README
> books          flowcharts    landscape    road_signs_scandinavia
> These categories include a total of 556 files.
> The reason I have 'computer' and 'computers', and 'misc' and 'misc2' is
> because niku's work included a README.txt that I wanted to keep
> associated with the stuff he submitted, whereas for the other items the
> authorship and licensing was less obvious.  I would appreciate it if
> someone could investigate this issue and figure out a better solution.
> Those who can access the CVS, please review and submit any corrections
> to me.  I plan on doing a release within the next few days.
> Thanks,
> Bryce
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