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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Wed Jun 9 08:02:57 PDT 2004

Nicu Buculei <nicu at apsro.com> writes:

> have you looked inside the sversion.ini file? 

I was previously unaware of it, but I have looked at it now.

> there are listed *all* versions of OpenOffice and StarOffice
> installed on your system

Only one version is listed in the sversion.ini on my system, and I do
have multiple versions.  (The one listed is the most recently
installed one.)  Actually I also have multiple copies of sversion.ini,
three of them in all, one in C:\WINDOWS\Applic~1, one in
C:\95_copy\WINDOWS and one in D:\WINDOWS.  The first one lists the
version of OOo that I actually use these days, and the second and
third one each list SO5.1 and OOo 641.

So again the question becomes, which copy of sversion.ini do you
believe?  I suppose if you know how OOo decides where to _put_
sversion.ini you could use the same decision process to decide where
to look for one.  That *should* work in most cases should probably get
you the most current version, except in certain edge cases.

My situation is surely atypical, granted.  (I'm a multibooter, so
things can occasionally get a little weird.)

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