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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Wed Jun 9 21:59:48 PDT 2004

""Áki G. Karlsson"" <aki at akademia.is> writes:

> Only problem is if the OpenOffice installers are putting the version
> information in different places for different versions... :(

It might be going in different places on different versions of
Windows, or depending on other system settings (environment variables,
registry settings, who knows what).  Like I said, if you knew how OOo
makes its decision on where to put the file, using the same decision
process should lead to the right file except maybe in some edge cases.

(An example of an edge case would be where since OOo was installed the
user has added or removed a drive or partition, causing drive letters
to change around.  Although the boot partition will still be C: in all
but the most extreme pathological corner cases.  But if it's possible
for sversion.ini to go on a drive other than C: (e.g., if it's going
in a directory specified by a system environment variable or registry
setting), then it might not be where it was put, in terms of the
absolute pathname.  This is almost surely why I have three copies of
sversion.ini sitting around; two of them are from versions that were
installed before my drives got relettered.  Yes, these versions can
still work, if shortcuts are updated and stuff.  After the drives were
relettered I installed a newer version, and it put sversion.ini in a
new location.  My Windows system includes drives that have been
relettered up to ten or twelve times and held up to four or five
distinct letters at one point or another, not counting the assorted
schenanighans I've pulled with SUBST.  Like I said, I'm a

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