[Clipart] Posibility of GPL

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Fri Jun 18 04:34:13 PDT 2004

Jose Hevia wrote:
> I saw recently at gnome-look.org the "Etiquete icons -svg" posted as 
> GPL, but posted a "much more complete set" at Openclipart as PD (????). 
> I don't know if it was what the author wanted to do.

do you have any reason to doubt that the original author, Andy 
Fitzsimon, has dual licensed his work as both GPL and PD and submitted 
it here?
if so, please share with us those reasons

> I have in my hard disk my own KDE icon theme ,they are GPL,and very big 
> (2 megs of SVG),but I don't want to realease it as PD,so it will be in 
> my hard disk until I found a site to post.
> [Sorry , I just don't want Microsoft/Sun(whatever company you want)  to 
> complete my/our effort and take credit for that,this is posible with 
> PD.]

you see, many other themes are published under multiple licenses like 
GPL/LGPL/other so, IMO, in that case LGPL give greater permissions

> Is there any possibility to include something with GPL license at 
> Openclipart?

AFAIK, at this point no - 


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