[Clipart] The web-site

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Mon Jun 21 09:53:12 PDT 2004

On Mon, 21 Jun 2004, [ISO-8859-1] Alberto Simões wrote:
> Hi.
> I love the idea of openclipart. In fact, I am a programmer and very,
> but really very bad designer. Open Clipart can help me to save my
> reputation :-)
> Meanwhile, looking to the website, I would say that it would be nice
> to have an interface like desktop backgrounds sites. Categories or
> classes, browsables, with previews for each image. I think that to be
> able to download a full tarball is handy, but it would also be nice to
> be possible to download some specific SVG file, only.
> Well, at least it is my point of view :-)

> Yep, I can help. But PHP is not my language.
> But of course I can help in anything :-)

Cool, yes this is definitely something we need, and it would be great to
have your help on it.  I am focusing on the backend portions such as
validating/processing the SVG files and creating the packages.  It would
be great to have a tool that allowed browsing of the images in the
package for downloading specific SVG files.  Nobody is working on that,
so it would be great to have your help with it.

Another coding task needing to be done is to enhance or rewrite the
upload script to allow specification of metadata.  Rejon is working on
this, although I think he's been quite busy lately (traveling).

We don't have any particular requirement that things must be done in a
specific programming language.  We used php for the website because we
derived it from Inkscape's site, which is (pretty basic) php.  I have
been coding the SVG tools in Perl because that's what I'm most
comfortable with.

I have the php SVG browser scripts from sodipodi.com, and can pass that
along to you; it looks like it could be adapted without too much
effort, or at least provide some inspiration.  Let me know, and I'll
send it to you.


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