[Clipart] Metadata

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Tue Jun 22 06:52:59 PDT 2004

>>There probably should be a note on the upload page explaining this,

Either there, or on the File & Style Guidelines page.  Or both.

>>or maybe I'll look into writing up a QAD upload-page script that
>>lets the user specify metadata and uses the module to add it on
>>the fly, which might be more convenient.
> Definitely, this would be a great thing to add.  If there are extra
> hooks needed in SVG::Metadata to make this easier, let me know, as I
> plan to continue expanding on it as we go.

One thing that would add convenience would be if I could have
it parse straight from a scalar (taken from form input), rather
than from a file.  If there's a way to do this, I don't see it
documented in the POD.  I'd like to take the SVG from an XHTML
file input, metadata from other form inputs, use SVG::Metadata to
add those metadata to the SVG en situ, do some minimal validation
(e.g., make sure the mandatory metadata fields are all specified)
and then only write the finished product to an actual file.  I
can work around this with a temporary file, though, if necessary.

> Btw, what is 'QAD'?

Quick & Dirty, meaning something I can throw together in a few
minutes, and it'll basically work, but without a lot of frills.
It can be improved on later.  I will of course make sure it's at
least taint-clean.  Minimally, someone will at least have to
change a couple of variables at the top to account for things
like what directory the files should be stored in on the server.

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