[Clipart] Tasks for 'openclipart' package

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Sat Jun 26 18:47:19 PDT 2004

Hi Aki,

On Sun, 27 Jun 2004, [ISO-8859-1] "Áki G. Karlsson" wrote:
> Adding metadata to the servicesigns was on my todo list for the 
> package... Thanks for doing it for me :) I may change it for a version 
> 0.3 though. Mainly to include the actual title of the image in the title 
> tag. Off-hand I would put the package name in the description, or do you 
> think it should also be included in the title?

Custom titles are of course better.  For doing the quick addition of
metadata I pretty much just gave everything the same title.  Ideally
they should have unique ones, but of course I figure the author will
prefer to choose that.

> For the package I plan to put the actual sign (blue border) behind each 
> sign and model the document size on the roadsigns packages. Maybe this 
> could evolve into a "scandinavian roadsigns" package, eventually, 
> although the initial idea was to have an international set of symbols 
> for mapmaking purposes.


> One question: In the files the metadata comes after the image. I know it 
> can be either way, but isn't it more logical to have it after the <svg> 
> and before the <defs>? Or doesn't it matter at all?

I just put it at the end because it was simpler for my script.  It
actually doesn't matter where it goes, and in fact a lot of people put
it right after the <svg> tag, which works fine.


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