[Clipart] Comma-separated keywords in metadata

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon Jun 28 06:45:31 PDT 2004

Karl Ove Hufthammer <karl at huftis.org> writes:

> There seems to be something wrong with the 'subject' metadata in various SVG 
> files. 'subject' should (preferably) be a keyword, not a comma-separated list 
> of keywords. Example (wrong):
> <dc:subject>yield, sign, yield sign, street sign, traffic sign</dc:subject>
> The proper way to achieve this in RDF is with a 'rdf:Bag':
>  <dc:subject>
>    <rdf:Bag>
>      <rdf:li>yield</rdf:li>
>      <rdf:li>sign</rdf:li>
>      <rdf:li>yield sign</rdf:li>
>      <rdf:li>street sign</rdf:li>
>      <rdf:li>traffic sign</rdf:li>
>    </rdf:Bag>
>  </dc:subject>

It is possible to automate this conversion, assuming we don't have to
manually check for commas being used in other ways in the subject.
(Even then, a command-line tool could prompt for each file:

Image: yieldsign.svg
Subject: yield, sign, yield sign, street sign, traffic sign
Convert to rdf:Bag? (Y/N):

Are there a lot of images with this issue, or just a couple? 

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