[Clipart] OpenClipart 0.04 browsable

"Áki G. Karlsson" aki at akademia.is
Wed Jun 30 03:00:58 PDT 2004


This is cool indeed!

Couple of suggestions:
There should be a "top" link before the slash at the top. It is difficult 
to center the slash with the mouse if one wants to go back to the top 
level index.
The title of each image should be at the top of the text section, possibly 
bolded or in italics, and the license at the bottom... IMHO

I think the fact that the text is slightly higher than the image itself 
lends the index a rather austere look and emphasizes each individual 
image. If the text were smaller the overall effect would be more 
"playful". Depends on what we want, I guess. I really like the border 
setup etc.

Best regards


On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 10:12:57 +0100, Alberto Simões <hashashin at gmail.com> 

> Hi,
> Took openclipart 0.04, created some categories, and put them in my
> navigation script. You can navigate (and download svg files) from
> http://alfarrabio.di.uminho.pt/albin/navigate
> Notice that the right menu does not work. This is still in tests.
> Sugestions regarding the navigation script are welcome,
> Kind regards,


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