[Clipart] OpenClipart 0.04 browsable

Alberto Simões hashashin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 11:03:02 PDT 2004

  first, be careful when replying to this list. Use reply All or you
will not send to the mailing list.

  second, I think it would be nice to have each country separated,
too, so if anyone wants just a country can get it quickly.


On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 19:57:02 +0200 (CEST), Jose Hevia
<100026838 at alumnos.uc3m.es> wrote:
> >
> > You mean, after opening the svg file, right? As the images in the site
> > have all almost the same size (although there are some weird small
> > images on corners with much empty space).
> > 
> I plan to release a Europe map that takes near 500kB as Inkscape
> support for Metadata is completed(uncompresed).This is so because it is
> composed of a lot of countries that could be considered each one a SVG
> file.In the future could appear works that are the composition of
> smaller independent works.Then it 'd be a good idea to take this apart.
>                                                    J.F.H

Alberto Simões

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