[Clipart] Thoughts on what Clipart needs for Project Management

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Sat May 1 18:08:13 PDT 2004

I've been getting the feeling that none of the tools I've looked at so
far are precisely what I think we need.  I've tried to keep an eye out
for something "close" in the hopes that if we had to customize it, it
wouldn't be hard to do so, but I don't feel like I found the best

While dotProject has a lot of the features we need, I think I actually
like netoffice's "bones" better - it's set up to be ultra-easy to
install and the look and feel is quite nice.  I've also looked at
several other things such as GForge and Savane (both derived from
SourceForge), but they're a bit more involved to set up, requiring root
for install, etc.

Here's my thoughts about what Open Clipart could really make use of:

1.  Clipart Submission.  Allows uploading individual or sets of clipart
2.  Metadata Editing.  Allows editing the metadata associated with a
    given piece of clipart.
3.  Clipart Searching.  Users can search the collection based on various
    criteria such as submission date, status, artist name, category...
    Should also include automatically generated previews.
4.  Packaging & Downloads.  Allows automatic creation of a package of
    clipart for download and installation.  User can specify the
    criteria for the type of package to be put together.
5.  Feedback Tracking.  Users can post 'bugs' against packages or pieces of
    clipart that they're having trouble with, or provide thankyou's or
6.  Clipart Requests.  Users that want some piece of clipart not
    currently available can post a request.  Artists looking for ideas
    of things to make could browse this list and use it as a source of
7.  Package Task Management.  Each package has its own todo list
    associated with it that includes things that the package maintainer
    feels they need to do for each release.
8.  User Management.  
9.  Package News.  For posting release notices, etc.
10. Statistics.  So we can see how many people are downloading the

Anything missing?  Anyone have an idea how we could best go about
achieving this?  Should we just use whatever we can get that's "close
enough" or should we put some effort into customizing something to
provide a good solution?  Anyone know of anything better than the
options I've posted so far?


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