[Clipart] 0.08 release

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Mon Nov 1 01:36:42 PST 2004

I am not going to work any further on the 0.08 release because I am out
of time.  Here is what needs to be done to complete the release:

Nicu please do the following:

   * Move the current incoming directory on the website aside and create
     a new incoming dir.  Check for any new uploads that did not get
     included in the pre-release, and put them back into the new
     incoming dir.

   * Download the file ocal_incoming_0.07.tgz from the downloads dir.

     These files failed to pass the validator and simply hung.  It is
     possible one of the files hangs Inkscape.  Thus there is no
     PASSFAIL report.  Included are both the original incoming and the
     raw output for as many files as it got.

   * Extract the files from the 'incoming' dir that did not get included
     into the output directories, then do this:

     - For each file, try to create a thumbnail using inkscape.
       Determine which file(s) are causing the hang and deal with them. 
       It appears to possibly be one of the barcode files but I don't
     - Run svg_metadata on the remaining files to generate the
       thumbnails and metadata files.

Jonadab please do the following:

   * Since your hierarchicalization script works on your machine but not
     on mine, run it on the preview package I created and put files into

   * Ensure all directories are correctly spelt, have no leading,
     trailing, or embedded whitespace, and are of consistent
     pluralization (e.g. mammal and mammals).

   * Tarball this package and give it to Nicu

Nicu, when Jonadab sends you the tarball, do the following:

   * Combine the files from the ocal_incoming_0.07 with the package from

   * Review the files, fix them up manually.  If you wish to delete
     duplicates or whatever, knock yourself out.  Since I do not
     reprocess files from previous releases, this manual work will not
     be lost.

   * Review the directory structure and manually adjust the organization
     until you're happy with it. 

   * Calculate the correct stats for the number of files, etc.

   * Create the final openclipart-0.08.tgz and upload it to the
     downloads/ directory on the website.  Update the index page with
     the link and stats.

   * Send rejon an email to put out news notices about the release.

Rejon, when Nicu notifies you, please announce this release as widely as
you can.  


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