[Clipart] 0.08 release

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon Nov 1 07:46:29 PST 2004

Bryce Harrington <bryce at bryceharrington.com> writes:

> Jonadab please do the following:
>    * Since your hierarchicalization script works on your machine but not
>      on mine, run it on the preview package I created and put files into
>      subdirs.

This I have done...

>    * Ensure all directories are correctly spelt, have no leading,
>      trailing, or embedded whitespace, and are of consistent
>      pluralization (e.g. mammal and mammals).

This is close enough for now.  (Some things, like "geography" are
singular, whereas others, like "animals", are plural; we can fix this
next release if desired.  But any given category is unified in one
directory now, except in cases where there are subcategories.)

>    * Tarball this package and give it to Nicu

Okay.  I am scp'ing it to /home/jonadab (on the fdo server) now.
Since I seem to be able to read /home/bryce, I suppose Nicu will be
able to read it from there, once the scp transfer completes, but I can
mv it to /projects/clipart or wherever and chmod g+rw it or whatever
as necessary.

Oh, it's called openclipart-0.08-sorted-for-browse.zip and will unzip
into the current directory (not a single subdirectory of the current
directory), so be aware of that when you unpack it.  It contains some
eighteen subdirectories, at least one of which isn't strictly
necessary (bulma.net, which I think didn't get cleaned up by the
script because it contains a period).  Some of the subdirectories have
subdirectories themselves, which in some cases may contain images that
are redundant with ones in the next directory up (e.g., a given image
may be in both animals and animals/mammals).

If we can get the browse script reading from this, it will bring the
browse interface much more up-to-date.  It still won't immediately see
new files people submit, but I think we'll have to wait on the DMS for
that part.

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