[Clipart] Internet Explorer

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Fri Nov 12 21:00:37 PST 2004

>>Internet Explorer Nasties
>>Could some people please check out how our site looks in Internet
>>Explorer 5.5 and up on Mac and PC and report back via bugs to mantis?
>I keep a Windows system around for such occasions.  Here's a screenshot:
>This is with IE 5.50.4131.0100 (according to the About dialog) on
>Windows Millennium 4.90.3000 (according to the version number on the
>desktop, which I enabled via TweakUI).  If I ever break down and buy
>VMWare, I'll keep systems around with more than one version of IE.
>Isn't it sick that that's my foremost reason for wanting VMWare?
It looks like the background color on the png and on area behind it is 
not the same color.
If it is so, and this is a normal problem on IE, the blue in the 
background of the logo must be set to be the transparent color and the 
image must only contain 256 colors (bad png-IE-support, anti-thanks to m$).
Paint Shop Pro can create IE-transparent-working pngs, but I am not sure 
if the gimp can (since it does alpha it the right way).
Then there is always the nasty hack: 
- Andreas

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