[Clipart] Can't submit clipart

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Tue Oct 5 23:04:37 PDT 2004

Runar Ingebrigtsen wrote:
> I just re-submitted a clipart I submitted a while ago, since it seems to
> have been removed from the incoming folder. I think the reason for the
> removal is the lack of metadata, so I added these first.

the content of the incoming folder was cleared at the release: all valid 
files were supposed to be included in the release (*supposed* because 
something went wrong and not all were included - your image is included 
in release 0.07?)
if you submitted the clipart using the web interface, it should have 
correct metadata, but we have an unidentified bug here and sometime it 
cause problems.

> However, my submission did not reach the incoming folder, and does not
> show up on the web site either. Why?

at the release Bryce renamed the old 'incoming' folder to 
'incoming_pre_0.7' and created a new one. i believe he forgot to give 
permission for the web server to write in that folder, probably the 
problem will be corrected as soon as Bryce will see your message.


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