[Clipart] Keys in flags and svg_annotate feature request

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Wed Oct 6 06:17:28 PDT 2004

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <uraeus at linuxrising.org> writes:

> I am also not sure if the keywords script generates clean keywords. All
> my flags get some extra keyword lines it seems; improvisedkeywordparse,a
> hex code and the word HARSH. Example below:
> <rdf:Bag>
>             <rdf:li>improvisedkeywordparse</rdf:li>
>             <rdf:li>Australia</rdf:li>
>             <rdf:li>Flags</rdf:li>
>             <rdf:li>0x87d035c</rdf:li>
>             <rdf:li>Sign</rdf:li>
>             <rdf:li>HASH</rdf:li>
>           </rdf:Bag>

improvisedkeywordparse is an indication that the keywords were not
enclosed in an rdf:Bag initially and had to be parsed out.  This in
itself wouldn't be any cause for concern.

However, the presense of HASH and the memory address are not good
signs, and could indicate a bug introduced by my patch.  I'd like to
see the XML (SVG) that was parsed to get this.

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