[Clipart] Can't submit clipart

Runar Ingebrigtsen runar at ingebrigtsen.net
Wed Oct 6 05:06:58 PDT 2004

ons, 06.10.2004 kl. 13.32 skrev Nicu Buculei:
> Runar Ingebrigtsen wrote:
> >>all valid files were supposed to be included in the release - your image
> >>is included in release 0.07?)
> > 
> > None of my contributions have ever got further than incoming and now
> > they're all gone. It's not a big deal, I can resubmit as soon as the
> > submit script is working again.
> don't worry, nobody deleted your files, those are probably moved in 
> another place on server and not visible. Bryce has done the release and 
> probably he can explain you more.
> the only thing i can do, is to look at the files (if i learn their 
> names) and try to guess if  was something wrong with them.
> i want to find what was wrong with your files because some of my 
> submissions are in the same situation

Let's see, the files got some numbers added to their name, but here are
the original names:

gtp-logo-proposal.svg (this is really not a clipart, though)
lit-lightbulb.svg (a modified clipart)
large-computer.svg (a remake of a Red Hat bootup picture)

Might be I've forgot some, but that's a start. ;)

BTW: Do you know why my list postings are held back even when I'm a list

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