List moderation issue (was Re: [Clipart] Can't submit clipart)

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Wed Oct 6 15:51:21 PDT 2004

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Runar Ingebrigtsen wrote:
> > > BTW: Do you know why my list postings are held back even when I'm a list
> > > member?
> > 
> > i don't know what you mean by this, i receive your messages from the list
> I get email from clipart-bounces at for every email I send
> to the list saying "Your message to clipart awaits moderator approval"

Ted - can you check into this?  

Runar, there's a number of reasons why this can happen, such as if
you're posting from a different address than the one that you subscribed
from or have attached a large file.  Often the bounce message should
indicate the issue; if not, Ted can let you know.


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