Announce: SVG::Metadata 0.19 (was Re: [Clipart] FYI: SVG::Metadata -> to_rdf() doesn't escape metadata content)

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Sun Oct 10 12:28:51 PDT 2004

SVG::Metadata 0.19 has been posted to CPAN and should be available for
download within a few hours.

The change for this release is adding support for escaping of <, >, and
&, as suggested by Matteo, below.


On Sun, 10 Oct 2004, Matteo Ianeselli wrote:
> Just to warn that, looking at the source of SVG::Metadata 0.18, it seems
> that to_rdf() just puts in metadata values without escaping back '<',
> '>' and '&' as entities (< > &).
> This invariably results in an invalid XML file when metadata values
> contain the above characters (just noticed that in submitting
> 'crt_monitor_01.svg' to last evening).

Good point.  I've added a routine to escape these three entities (are
there any others that should be escaped?) to SVG::Metadata.

Please test this and let me know if it works (I didn't test it against
your file, just made sure the regression tests pass).


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