[Clipart] Flags ready

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller uraeus at gnome.org
Mon Oct 11 01:36:07 PDT 2004

Ok, I cleaned up the flags this weekend and they are now ready for
openclipart inclusion. svg_annotate manages to add keywords without the
extra lines I reported on earlier so that works ok. I cleaned up some of
my first batch of images to removing the 'extra' keywords. But there is
some left in some of the flags.

I ended up using the script from jonadab, so thanks for that. Attached
the final version of it as it didn't work of the box.

There is a bug in svg_annotate. Using --keywords does not work, says
there is no parameter k. Guess a '-' is missing somewhere. Using -k
worked well.

The flags can be found here. I tried uploading them but got a internal
error on the website:

Let me know when they are online on openclipart and I will mail all the
people behind them and tell them about the move. Hopefully that will
lead to some of them starting to contribute clipart to openclipart. I
also update the sodipodi pages pointing here.

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perl -e ' for $file (<*.svg>) {
print "Enter author for $file: \n";
my $author = <STDIN>; chomp $author;
my ($title) = $file =~ /(.*?)[.]svg/i;
system("svg_annotate", "-a $author", "-t $title", "-k flags", "-k signs", "$file");

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