[Clipart] upload_svg.cgi and shell.php

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Wed Sep 22 02:10:46 PDT 2004

we have two pages generated by cgi scripts: one is upload_scg.cgi and 
another is navigate.
for integration with the website upload_svg.cgi uses the Perl module 
OpenClipart::Web and navigate uses the PHP script shell.php.
i want to argue why using shell.php is better and why we should consider 
using the same method in upload_svg.cgi (and when the time will come in 
- syncronization: when a change is made in the website layout (header, 
footer, sidebars) it is automatically picked by shell.php. 
OpenClipart::Web should be separately updated in order to include it. a 
symthom is the 'Incoming Clip Art' box from right sidebar: using 
shell.php is live but using OpenClipart:Web it contains an older shapshot;
- less maintenance: using only one integration method, simply we don't 
have to maintain one additional module;
- simplicity: i confess being a PHP person, with only basic Perl 
knowledge but using shell.php involves 6 lines of Perl code and 4 lines 
of PHP code and OpenClipart::Web consist of several hundred lines of 
code in itself


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