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Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at crschmidt.net
Wed Apr 6 17:13:47 PDT 2005

Currently, the SVG metadata in SVG files on openclipart.org is broken
RDF, as well as being slightly broken in a number of ways:

First, there is a snippet of RDF like the following. This is invalid:
<license rdf:resource="Public Domain">

This should be 
<license rdf:resource="urloflicense" />
<dc:date>date of copyright</dc:date>

Which would cause the RDF to be valid. In fact, there is already an
empty <dc:date> in the SVG file I'm currently looking at
(http://www.openclipart.org/incoming/icthus_rick_beton_01.svg), so I'm
not sure if that is filled in in some cases, but there's obviously no
need for two. Note that the URL for the PublicDomain license is:
http://web.resource.org/cc/PublicDomain , as per
http://creativecommons.org/technology/licenseoutput#pd .

Second problem:
Subjects right now seem to have some oddities. I see a subject on this
SVG file is:


I'm not sure if the metadata is generated using the SVG-Metadata perl
module: if so, that'd need to change upstream, otherwise, someone might
want to look into why that's not a normal text.

Personally, I'd probably not put the subjects in a bag: the current
movement in RDF is to move away from explicit containers in favor of
multiple predicates with the same subject, but I'm not versed in SVG
metadata, so that might not be the common way to do it in the SVG world.

Third, the creator and rights holder have an rdf:about="" attribute which is
blank. This should either point to a URL of the creator and rights
holder, or the entire rdf:about="" should be removed. If the rights are
assigned to openclipart.org, this should be used instead. The dc:title
of the <dc:rights> agent should be the person who created the work,
rather than "Public Domain" (I think, although I may be acting as a
lawyer there unintentionally.)

Apologies if I come off rather harsh in this email: just trying to help
the site generate the best metadata possible, because I'm going to start
sucking it into an RDF tool I run.

Christopher Schmidt
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