[Clipart] RSS feeds and aggregation

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Thu Apr 7 03:18:36 PDT 2005

this is just the default Planet template with a RSS feed taken from 

what i propose:
1. "borrow" the news system from Inkscape website to have RSS feeds also 
2. aggregate the feeds from those two sites (Inkscape and OCAL) and from 
the known weblogs of our contributors (i know about jimmac, Uraeus and Alan)
3. use a better URL (like planet.openclipart.org or something more neutral)
4. improve the page look (Planet theme, style sheet)
6. get more of us to publish blogs and aggregate them
7. convince people from other projects (The Gimp, Scribus) to give us 
feeds from their news and developers blogs
8. Profit!

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