[Clipart] metadata: aren't the keywords actually categories (and can keywords be added)?

Mike Traum mtraum at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 13 12:29:39 PDT 2005

Based on the way the packages are layed out (the paths of the files),
it looks like <dc:subject/> is being used to store the category, and
the open clip art project doesn't really have a concept of keywords

For example, if an you had the following categories:
- Animals->Dogs
- People->Men

and you had an image with a dog and a man in it, how would this be

And, if that man was balding, would you have a whole category for
balding men? 

I think <dc:type/> should be used to store the categories in a more
formal way. This could be done, for example, as such:

And then <dc:subject/> could be used for keywords that are outside of
the scope of categories.

You may still want a defined list of keywords, but it could be
extremely more expansive than the current list. Or, you could have a
completely undefined list of keywords. This would probably lead to
better keywords, but a search mechanism that is a little more
difficult to implement (because, to do it right, you'd also want to
search for analogous words). I'd opt for an undefined list, because
it is generally better to get your data the way you want it in the
first place, and then let the tools to use the data catch up.



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