[Clipart] metadata: aren't the keywords actually categories (and can keywords be added)?

Tobias Jakobs tobias.jakobs at web.de
Sat Apr 16 14:32:41 PDT 2005

Am Samstag, den 16.04.2005, 05:10 -0700 schrieb Mike Traum:

> Regading the data definition, I definitely agree that having the data
> in the images is the highest priority. And I also agree that doing a
> data definition now will likely result in changes. But, right now
> there is NO data definition for certain things that are critical to
> write the application I'm proposing. 

I would suggest to make these:
- make a page in the wiki and write down the pros and cons.
- write a prototype app and test how well your solution will work
- write a tool to create the files you need

> For example, I previously had
> discussions about transforming the .idx in the package to xml, as
> well as a future planned 'hierarchy-en.xml' file. The hierarchy file
> may not be necessary for the clip organizer app, by an index
> certainly would be of great help (especially since it's already
> there, but in perl form). 

I haven't followed the discussion, but I think now one will be against
an xml file instead the idx as long as the old thinks will work 
further on and as long there are advantages towards the old solution.

> Otherwise, importing a openclipart package
> into a client app will take FOREVER, being that every individual file
> would need to be read and parsed.
I'm looking forward to your clip organizer app.

> Again, thanks for clarifying the hardlink thing - I think that's a
> perfect solution...

Hardlinks are a really nice thing.

Regards Tobias
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