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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Sat Apr 16 15:17:39 PDT 2005

Aaron Seigo <aseigo at kde.org> writes:

> please CC me on replies for the time being


> i think i (and others in the KDE project) can possibly help both of the above 
> things happen by opening the doorway to the OCAL collection for KDE users.

Agreed.  We are at a pretty early stage, in terms of our
infrastructure and setup, but already the collection is useful.

> 	- providing a KDE application that can browse the archives
> (online/offline?)  of OCAL. this could be made a generic part that
> other applications, such as KOffice or Quanta, could use to allow
> seamless access to OCAL images.

This part seems like a task that ought to be undertaken by someone
familiar with KDE development, who has used Qt and other KDE-oriented
libraries in the past, and so forth.

> 	- provide a GetHotNewStuff feed on OCAL's web site to make it
> easy (e.g. a couple clicks) for KDE users to grab the latest /
> greatest stuff from OCAL.

That sounds useful.  I think we will need to have our planned document
management system in place, so it will be down the road a bit, but it
seems like a useful thing.

> 	- mention OCAL as a resource in our documentation of
> appropriate applications, such as the KOffice apps.
> 	- explore ways to cross-polinate between kde-look.org (and the
> upcoming kde-docs.org) and OCAL

That all sounds reasonable too.

> and of course, there are opportunities for making public
> announcements about this.

We have in our project wiki a list of mailing lists and other places
to announce new releases.  If there is a KDE-related list where these
announcements would be wanted, feel free to add it.

> now while i personally will not be able to do all of the above with
> just my own two hands, i can perhaps help facilitate this by
> pitching in some of my own efforts and (probably resulting in
> greater effect) finding the "right people" in KDE to work with
> OCAL. reciprocation would be welcome, of course.

As far as "right people" on the OCAL side, there are at this time not
that many of us actively involved, so we've been doing most
collaboration right here on the list.  For PR type stuff, Rejon has
been taking the lead most of the time, but KDE people should not
hesitate to bring things to the list.

> looking at your roadmap, it seems that some of these things will
> become (more) feasable with the realization of milestones 13 and 17,
Note that those milestones may get renumbered from time to time, since
we do a new release every month, to get the new clipart out, whether
we have met any infrastructural development goals that month or not.
Also sometimes goals get prepended to the queue as needs arise.  So
the roadmap is not an exact thing.  It does, however, indicate the
directions we want to go.
> but i find it's usually good to start figuring out the details
> sooner rather than later.


> so... there's my brain.dump() ... what are your thoughts?

Right now my thoughts (as far as they pertain to OCAL) are tending to
revolve around certain metadata-handling issues.  But aside from that,
we do want to work with various other projects so that the clipart we
are collecting can meet their needs; I see inclusion of OCAL clipart
in various projects as a key vehicle toward driving a wider
familiarity with the project, which in turn increases the number of
contributors and so the value of the collection.

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