[Clipart] anonymous cvs access?

Mike Traum mtraum at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 16 16:05:58 PDT 2005

This is the second time I'm writing this email. The first went to
Jonadab. Please, again, consider changing the Reply-to on your

Anyway, Fontconfig has anonymous access, and there should be no
reason for a cvs provider to worry about that, because all
repositories have complete separation (barring any cvs security
vulnerability, that is).


--- Jonadab the Unsightly One <jonadab at bright.net> wrote:

> Mike Traum <mtraum at yahoo.com> writes:
> > I can I get anonymous read-only access to your cvs?
> Our CVS is hosted in the freedesktop.org CVS (under clipart_web).
> I don't know what fdo's policy is about anonymous access.
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