[Clipart] metadata: aren't the keywords actually categories (and can keywords be added)?

Mike Traum mtraum at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 16 16:17:15 PDT 2005

Regarding the wiki, the pro's and con's of what? Having a data
definiton? As a long time developer, that seems pretty obvious to me
so maybe I'm not understanding your statement.


--- Tobias Jakobs <tobias.jakobs at web.de> wrote:
> Am Samstag, den 16.04.2005, 05:10 -0700 schrieb Mike Traum:
> > Regading the data definition, I definitely agree that having the
> data
> > in the images is the highest priority. And I also agree that
> doing a
> > data definition now will likely result in changes. But, right now
> > there is NO data definition for certain things that are critical
> to
> > write the application I'm proposing. 
> I would suggest to make these:
> - make a page in the wiki and write down the pros and cons.
> - write a prototype app and test how well your solution will work
> - write a tool to create the files you need
> > For example, I previously had
> > discussions about transforming the .idx in the package to xml, as
> > well as a future planned 'hierarchy-en.xml' file. The hierarchy
> file
> > may not be necessary for the clip organizer app, by an index
> > certainly would be of great help (especially since it's already
> > there, but in perl form). 
> I haven't followed the discussion, but I think now one will be
> against
> an xml file instead the idx as long as the old thinks will work 
> further on and as long there are advantages towards the old
> solution.
> > Otherwise, importing a openclipart package
> > into a client app will take FOREVER, being that every individual
> file
> > would need to be read and parsed.
> > 
> I'm looking forward to your clip organizer app.
> > Again, thanks for clarifying the hardlink thing - I think that's
> a
> > perfect solution...
> > 
> Hardlinks are a really nice thing.
> Regards Tobias

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