[Clipart] metadata: aren't the keywords actually categories (and can keywords be added)?

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Sat Apr 16 16:21:42 PDT 2005

Mike Traum <mtraum at yahoo.com> writes:

> Acutally, MS suprised me. Their http://office.microsoft.com/clipart
> site generates .mpf files, which are xml with the clip files base64
> encoded in them, including all of the meta data as well. For once,
> their doing something right. I would consider their site as a model
> for what you would want to achieve - they have a shopping cart-like
> functionality, the ability to choose thumbnail size, etc. Of course,
> all of their clips come with an unfriendly EULA attached.

Shopping carts and EULAs and needing to use a specialized Java applet
to access the files, that's your vision of what clip art should be

The way our packages are licensed, if someone (you, Microsoft,
whoever) wants to take them and do stuff like that to them, they can,
but please leave me out of it; those ideals are not compatible with
the "Open" part of "Open Clip Art Library", and your visions of
shopping carts and needing specialized applets are nothing whatsoever
like my idea of what a useful clipart collection would be.

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