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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun Apr 17 20:23:13 PDT 2005

On Saturday 16 April 2005 10:42, Jon Phillips wrote:
> Yes, traffic is pretty low right now. It gets busier towards the end of
> the month release cycle.

well, i'm sub'd to the list now so .... 

> 1. online - browse the repository through a web service (soap, etc)

the ideal would be to wait for the DMS, correct?

> 2. offline - browse via packages that are generated on the website
> officially released by the project. On this end, we need to firm up how
> to make custom packages with custom file structures. A few developers
> have been interested in this, so more discussion is in order to develop
> something that needs to be broadly implemented so that a viewer can read
> the packages.

here are my thoughts after having looked at OCAL 0.12:

	- thumbnails should follow the FD.o thumbnail spec[1]
	- in addition to the perl hashes file for keywords.idx provide a 
keywords.xml. or perhaps a binary format (an SQLite table?) for speed.
	- consider releasing version upgrades, so people moving from v N to v N+1 can 
download a small package containing new files and a list of other files to 
delete which can then be merged with the main collection. this could then be 
easily automated in software.
	- agree on some conventions for installations, e.g. where a systemwide 
install would go (FHS compliant, of course =), where a local install should 
go (~/.local/ocal? ~/.clipart? ~/OpenClipArt?) and how local repositories 
would overlay (e.g. a local file should override the system install, files in 
the local installation not in the system installation should appear when 
browsed by the user as part of the collection, etc)

> > 	- provide a GetHotNewStuff feed on OCAL's web site to make it easy (e.g.
> > a couple clicks) for KDE users to grab the latest / greatest stuff from
> > OCAL.
> Right, this is good. Right now this takes the form of the incoming queue
> on the main page. I do think that it would be quite cool to provide an
> RSS feed with the latest clipart images that we validate.

perhaps look at:


in particular the "server side storage" part of this. this feed could be 
hosted at OCAL and open up OCAL updates to KDE users with great ease.

> > 	- mention OCAL as a resource in our documentation of appropriate
> > applications, such as the KOffice apps.
> Please do so...is anything holding this back? We can put affiliation
> links to the KDE project and KOffice on our site.

great.. i'm coordinating this now. will let you know when it's ready.

> > 	- explore ways to cross-polinate between kde-look.org (and the upcoming
> > kde-docs.org) and OCAL
> Lets do it! Put me/others in contact with these projects and lets do it!

when Frank's back during the week i'll see what can be done .. =)

[1] http://jens.triq.net/thumbnail-spec-0.7

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