[Clipart] DMS installed on openclipart.org

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Mon Apr 18 00:27:22 PDT 2005

FYI, I've installed the dmsd daemon on freedesktop.org.  Was pretty
easy; someone had already installed the prereq's.  :-)

The daemon isn't running but for anyone that wants to play with it, you
can start it by logging into freedesktop.org and running:

   $ cd /srv/clipart.freedesktop.org
   $ bin/dmsd

That's the server end of things.  

Isn't working from the client-end though.  While running ls_docs I'm
getting a 'proxy: transport protocol not specified' error.  Not sure
what that is; probably something simple.  I'll look more later.


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