[Clipart] Image portability

Stephen Silver ocalocal at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 18 06:00:13 PDT 2005

Andrew Archibald wrote:

> Does OCAL have any standards for portability or quality of images?

Not yet.

> For example, many images do not lie within their own stated page
> boundaries (for example, eagle_01.svg hangs off the top of its page)
> which results in many SVG viewers (konqueror, for example) showing
> only part of the image.

Yes, these need to be fixed at some point.  There's also the opposite
problem, where the image occupies only a tiny portion of a large document,
making the thumbnail fairly useless.  And there are many Inkscape SVG files
where the document size is given in mm or inches or points, so that whether
or not the image fits on the page depends on the number of pixels per inch,
which in turn depends on the renderer, device resolution, etc.

> Other images have either Inkscape- or Adobe-specific SVG extensions and
> so may display incorrectly on simple SVG viewers which can handle only
> plain SVG.

As far as I know, these application-specific extensions are not intended
to affect the rendering of the image, so there's no problem as long as
viewers just ignore them.  (Viewers that don't ignore unknown elements
and attributes will probably choke on the RDF anyway.)

One thing that does reduce portability is the use of CSS instead of the
equivalent SVG property attributes, as conforming SVG viewers aren't
required to support CSS.

Stephen Silver

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