[Clipart] KDE and OCAL

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Mon Apr 18 12:19:37 PDT 2005

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>>Agreed.  We are at a pretty early stage, in terms of our
>>infrastructure and setup, but already the collection is useful.
> yes, it's quite extensive.

I envision it as being much more extensive in the future.

> as you may or may not know KOffice, Konqueror and KDesktop all speak SVG 
> natively, so this collection is wonderful for our users =)

I was not aware of this.  I personally have not used KDE for some time
(since circa 2001), except occasionally under Knoppix, short-term.
Some things about KDE are nice, but I found that I do not like being
without panel drawers.

>>>	- providing a KDE application that can browse the archives
>>>(online/offline?)  of OCAL. this could be made a generic part that
>>>other applications, such as KOffice or Quanta, could use to allow
>>>seamless access to OCAL images.
>>This part seems like a task that ought to be undertaken by someone
>>familiar with KDE development, who has used Qt and other KDE-oriented
>>libraries in the past, and so forth.
> of course. i just didn't want to spend resources in this direction if there 
> wasn't some interest on OCAL's part, which it seems there is so .... huzzah!

Interest is one thing, but I do not know that we have the developer
talent and time to undertake this.  Certainly, it would be cool to
see such a thing materialize.

> i'm currently trying to determine which would be the best venues. if the 
> koffice stuff goes forward, i think a nice announcement on theDot 
> (dot.kde.org) to coincide with your 0.13 release would be a nice idea...
 > it would send several thousand KDE users your way in one fell swoop

Several thousand users in one fell swoop?  Wow.  *That* certainly
ought to liven things up around here!

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