[Clipart] Image portability

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Tue Apr 19 11:09:51 PDT 2005

Linda Kim wrote:
  > How can I fix this? I was actually planning to upload more clip art 
> to the library and would like to make them usable by those that use 
> Inkscape or other SVG editing applications. Did I do something wrong 
> when I saved them?

this is the Inkscape bug reported by Jon:

I don't know what happened with the files (they were touched manually or 
only by the release scripts) but, indeed, the files can be opened now in 

however, the file size is still a problem, i think 0.5MB is huge for an 
image like 
(i would expect something 10-20 times smaller)

> By the way, I've been using some of your contributions in my recent 
> designs; you can see them here:
> http://redlucite.org/projects/designs/index.php

I'm glad you find my images useful

> I've been brainstorming on the Greeting Cards section of OCAL at the 
> prompt of Jon, and have been trying to find some templates for different 
> kinds of cards, envelopes, and whatnot that could be converted into SVG 
> files so that more than just clip art is offered in this section.

we discussed about greeting cards on this list around Cristmas and have 
a wiki page intended to hold ideas: 

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