[Clipart] Image portability

Holger Will holger at treebuilder.de
Wed Apr 20 02:53:41 PDT 2005

Nicu Buculei wrote:

> Holger Will wrote:
>> ive just written a simple xslt stylesheet to do the job, you can find 
>> it here:
>> http://www.treebuilder.de/svg/ill2svg.xslt
> so this will clean all SVG files created by Illustrator? 

yes, though i dont have illustrator available here, and cant test 
properly. what it does is
delete elements and attributes in the following namespaces:

> is it something worthy to be added to the release process?

i dont know... maybe put a bit more functionality in there before, like 
turning style-properties into attributes.
i just thought it might be usefull for batching the cleanup of 
illustrator files already posted.

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