[Clipart] small update

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Wed Apr 20 07:44:05 PDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 13:22 -0700, Aaron Seigo wrote:
> hello again =)
> so i've added a section for the Open Clip Art Library on the koffice 
> website[1] and have someone adding references to OCAL into the koffice 
> documentation. small first steps, but positive ones i think.
> this has all been cleared with the KOffice development team, of course, who 
> was very supportive of this and happy to hear of the success of your clip art 
> efforts.
> hopefully as time progresses we can find ever more ways for KOffice and OCAL 
> to work with each other =)
> [1] it will eventually show up at http://koffice.org/addons

Great, I've marked this as todo for myself to add affiliation with
KOffice. Right now we only put affiliates at the bottom of every page,
but I wonder if this should be made more prominent, or even be a
separate page. What would you all prefer?

Bryce and I have discussed how we need better inter-project promotion,
so maybe someone has a good idea how we could do this on our website.
Maybe it should be in the left or right hand column. However, our
affiliate list is getting long, so maybe it needs to just go to its own
page on the site, but then that doesn't promote those projects as

Thoughts would be appreciated...


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