[Clipart] KDE and OCAL (soap)

Mike Traum mtraum at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 22 09:24:06 PDT 2005

I'm not associated with the OpenOffice project, but have recently
written a small app which integrates with it and have hopes to write
another app using OCAL which would also integrate with OOo (although,
in a different manner described here which would be more open to
other applications as well).

I think to get the MS Word type of functionality, all it would need
would be the basics. The ability to search through soap, and retrieve
the svg file(s) that match that search. You can integrate a java
application with OOo, so retrieving a thumbnail wouldn't even be
necessary because there is a very nice package to process svg's in

If such functionality was written in other languages, however, it may
be necessary to provide access to the thumbnail.

Regarding the metadata, that will be of no use in openoffice, because
their gallery doesn't support metadata. But access to the metadata
would surely be of use to other applications.

I am thinking that I could fairly easily write this OpenOffice
integration. Where was is again that I can find the prototype to the
soap interface? Do you have a wsdl available somewhere?


--- Bryce Harrington <bryce at bryceharrington.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 19, 2005 at 10:56:28AM -0700, Mike Traum wrote:
> > SOAP would be very good indeed! 
> > 
> > It would allow you, for example, to write a OpenOffice plugin
> that
> > would function in a similar manner in which Microsoft Office
> > functions - search for clips straight from your word processor.
> > 
> > Mike
> Yup, exactly!
> One thing that would be worth brainstorming, is a listing of what
> commands that an OpenOffice.org plugin would need/want.  Then we
> could
> check the current API and see if it covers enough, and augment
> where it
> doesn't.
> Bryce

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