[Clipart] DMS 0.11 Released

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Sun Apr 24 14:44:41 PDT 2005

Document::Manager (DMS) 0.11 has been released and posted to CPAN, and
will soon appear at this location:


Changes since the last release have focused on a Document::Object module
for use in tracking metadata and other aspects of a given document.  As
well, more internal data checking is performed to hopefully catch

This is a development release, and is still not really usable.  I notice
that the daemon crashes due to Broken Pipe errors quite a bit, and I've
not tested the metadata store function very much.  My guess is that
there's a lot of bugs hidden away in it, but given increased interest
lately and the fact that the last release was 6 months ago, I figured it
was time!

One of the main design challenges I've been wrestling over this year has
been that PHP and Perl don't communicate as well through SOAP as I'd
initially assumed.  That was a pretty big let-down, since that was one
of the main reasons I'd built this around SOAP.  It looked like to
recast it into something PHP could tolerate would require a
complete rearchitecting of a lot of the Perl code, or alternately would
require doing the website in Perl instead of PHP.

However, with some help from discussions on the OCAL list, I think
there's a fairly simple solution:  Instead of having the PHP access the
SOAP API directly, implement Perl scripts to perform the SOAP actions.
Not an eligant solution, but a heck of a lot less work than other
options.  One benefit is that it'll decouple things in a nice fashion.


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