[Clipart] Understanding what "Open" means

Mike Traum mtraum at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 07:20:25 PDT 2005

All is cool. And, after re-reading my own response, it may have been
come off as aggressive.. If you took it that way, I am sorry as well.


--- Jonadab the Unsightly One <jonadab at bright.net> wrote:

> Bryce Harrington <bryce at bryceharrington.com> writes:
> > I haven't been following the thread too closely, but the subject
> > caught my eye, and I notice some tension over disagreements.  The
> > discussions on the list need to be kept civil, so that the
> project
> > remains friendly and accessible for new developers.
> Sorry, didn't mean to be uncivil.  Sometimes I don't have the
> largest
> amount of tact, but I didn't mean to upset anyone.
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