[Clipart] Image portability

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Wed Apr 27 10:45:04 PDT 2005

Andrew Archibald wrote:
[SVG images with application-specific stuff in them]
>> If Inkscape can losslessly convert them to plain SVG from the
>> command line, that could be worked into our processing.
> It can indeed convert them to plain SVG, but the process is almost 
> guaranteed not to be lossless

In that case, we would want to keep the originals around too,
somehow, the way we do for WMF (mainly, so that a better conversion
can be done later) -- the obvious problem being that they use the
same extension (svg) as we want to use for the converted result.
Hmmm...  Perhaps something like .svg.orig for the unconverted
original in such cases?  Other thoughts?  Or maybe we need to wait
for the DMS, so that we can easily keep straight the image as
submitted by the author versus the image as distributed?

> The other advantage of doing it on upload is that it's the uploader who 
> is most likely to know what the pictures are actually supposed to look 
> like; getting them to approve that the images actually look like that is 
> a kind of validation we can't really match any other way.  Someone 
> releasing a package can't hope to examine all 3000+ to determine whether 
> they look the way an author he's never met thinks they should.

Okay, that does make some sense.  And daniels or somebody did say that
any load OCAL puts on the server gets lost in the underflow, which
pretty well zaps the obvious perf argument I could otherwise make...

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