[Clipart] Adobe Illustrator CS SVG files + incompatibility

Stephen Silver ocalocal at btinternet.com
Mon Feb 28 05:11:46 PST 2005

Jonadab wrote:

> On a semi-related side-note, I also noticed that when Inkscape opened
> the .wmf files we've received (most notably, several Hummer images and
> a couple of weapons), it did not do an ideal job of the conversion.
> Shapes are right, but colors in a number of cases are wrong.

As far as I know, Inkscape just uses libwmf's wmf2svg, which has
numerous bugs, some of them very severe.  I have posted some bug
reports and patches to the wvWare bug list at
With these patches the output usually has the right colours, and is
often OK (except for often being upside down).  But it still makes
a complete mess of some images.

You can also open WMF files in OpenOffice.org and save as SVG.  This
isn't always perfect either (although I haven't tried 1.1.4 yet), but
it's almost always better than wmf2svg

> The wmf files are still in the collection, right alongside the svg
> conversions of them, so it's easy to compare this if you have access
> to a Windows system.

There are only 7 WMF files in the collection, and two of those are duplicates
(hummer_04.wmf = hummer_03.wmf and hummer_06.wmf = hummer_05.wmf).  There were
20 submitted in total, including those duplicates.  I intend to upload these
again somewhen, along with my best attempts at converting them to SVG, but I
probably won't do this in time for the 0.11 release.

Stephen Silver

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