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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Sat Jan 1 17:43:46 PST 2005

Bryce Harrington <bryce at bryceharrington.com> writes:

> Here is my 'cheat sheet' for doing a release: 
> [...]
> Jonadab, would you be willing to take the lead on this release?

My revised and updated cheatsheet follows.  After re-doing some files
that got clobbered due to my mistake in step 6, I am now at step 13,
uploading the (revised and updated) 0.09 release to the server.  I'll
be starting it going right after I send this message, so it should be
possible to finalize the release on Sunday afternoon and do the PR any
time thereafter.

So, here's my revised/updated release cheat sheet:
 1.  Determine the previous number, old_rel_num
 2.  new_rel_number = old_rel_num + 0.01
 3.  Get the previous openclipart package and unpack it into
     a directory.  Rename the directory to openclipart-relnum
     This is your main working directory for generating the
 4.  Shell into the server and do the following:
     mv incoming incoming-pre-relnum
     mkdir incoming
     chgrp clipart incoming
     chmod g+rwx incoming
     getfacl incoming-pre-relnum > ~/temp.acl
     setfacl -M ~/temp.acl incoming
 5.  Obtain the contents of incoming-relnum from the server
     and place them into the subdirectory incoming within the 
     main working directory mentioned in step 3, i.e., put
     the new incoming files into openclipart-relnum/incoming
     Here are Bryce's notes on one way to obtain the files:    
       Rsync down the incoming directory
       rsync --delete -av -e ssh \
           freedesktop.org:/projects/clipart/public_html/incoming \
     I just used wget to slurp them down.
 6.  First make sure any previous default-0.00 directory has been
     emptied of any files that are still wanted, since this step will
     nuke it.  Now, change to the main working directory and do this:
     svg_validate --debug=2 incoming &> LOG.txt
     This copies the files that pass into directories within
     default-0.00 (one directory for each keyword).
 7.  Now do this (still from your main working directory):
     mkdir failed
     This parses LOG.txt and moves files that failed from
     incoming/ to failed/
     If all is well, all of the files in incoming should now EITHER be
     copied into default-0.00 or else moved to failed -- either way,
     you don't need them in incoming anymore, so it should be safe
     now to rm -rf incoming (assuming you are working with copies in
     the first place, not the originals on the server)
 8.  Next you want to consolidate the accepted files from their
     keyword directories into the desired hierarchy:
     cd default-0.00
 9.  The files in default-0.00 are now ready to be copied into the
     main hierarchy of the release.  So, change back to your main
     working directory and do this:
     cp -rf default-0.00/* ./
     rm -rf default-0.00

10.  Move the failed directory outside the main working directory.
     The main working directory is now the release directory, and
     the failed files don't belong there.

11.  Review everything and make sure all is well.

12.  cd to the *parent* directory of the release directory
     and do this (where openclipart-relnum is the name of 
     the directory):
     zip -r openclipart-relnum.zip openclipart-relnum
     tar -z -c -f openclipart-relnum.tar.gz openclipart-relnum
     Also zip up or tar up the failed files separately.
13.  Upload these files to the server.
     Should the release files be put in
     or in
     or where, exactly?

14.  Update clipart download and index pages & deploy updated pages

15.  Install the new release for the browse script.  (How?)

16.  Send out email notices to clipart at freedesktop.org
     inkscape-user at lists.sf.net., inkscape-devel at lists.sf.net, and more

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