[Clipart] Release Out

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Mon Jan 3 02:47:35 PST 2005

I've sent the PR out. Could you all spend about 10 minutes and forward the 
announcement to your friends and any of your own lists. I've coated the ones 
listed at our wiki.

I feel like we really need to spend some time finding new contacts and places to 
send to. I wonder if our PR is fully getting out there. I wanna coat the planet 
when our release come out to not just the linux community (which is what I feel 
is being targeted).

Please add any of your own contacts to submit to here:


Also, MRDOCS could you send one of these to Scribus. Also, is anyone on 
freedesktop.org lists, Cairo, and any others. I sent to freshmeat, lwn, osnews, 
and the my own lists. So, if you know of any more, hit em up!


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