[Clipart] Open Clip Art Library Release 0.09 Announcement :: http://www.openclipart.org

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Mon Jan 3 06:57:31 PST 2005

Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:
> Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org> writes:
>>Release 0.09 of the Open Clip Art Library is now available for
>>download on the site as an individual package:
> The browse feature is still using I think the previous release.

i think is not from the previous release, is older. i made the final 
tarball for 0.08 and NOT updated the browse repository

> Who installed the new version for that last release?  How is it done?
> Do we just untar it on a certain place on the server?  Where?

correct, just untar the release in /srv/clipart.freedesktop.org/OpenClipart
you may need to alter permissions for files to be readable by Apache


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