[Clipart] transparent turkeys

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Wed Jan 5 06:12:00 PST 2005

"Stephen Silver" <ocalocal at btinternet.com> writes:

> OCAL has a number of SVG files with unintended partial transparency.
> This is due to Inkscape bugs #875906 (which causes fill-opacity to be
> ignored in some situations) and #1003385 (which ensures that those
> situations are frequent).  These bugs afflict Inkscape 0.39, and maybe
> some earlier versions too.

Interesting.  Here I was thinking it was a regression in 0.40 that
rendered SVGs incorrectly that appeared correct in previous versions.
Additionally, I've in some instances been having difficulty getting
Inkscape 0.40 to make these objects properly opaque -- if I open one
of them, select the object in question, bring up its fill properties,
and edit the color or gradient, it sometimes appears to be fully
opaque on the fill-and-stroke dialog but does not render that way on
the object itself.

For example, in the image thanksgiving_spread_01.svg, if I select the
turkey, and ungroup it, and select then the main body of the turkey
(not the leg), and bring up fill-and-stroke, the alpha value of the
fill color is set to 255.

Hey, wait -- that's not all.  If I attempt to change any aspect of the
fill color, it's suddenly black, instead of the color it was.  Upon
closing (without saving) and reopening, I discover that, in fact, it
was set to black all along, in the fill and stroke dialog, as if one
part of Inkscape 0.40 (the rendering part) "knows" the correct hue and
saturation and value, and another part (the fill and stroke dialog)
"knows" the correct opacity, but never the twain shall meet, or

This does seem to only impact objects that were initially created in
recent previous versions of Inkscape, however.  In the Thanksgiving
spread for example, only the turkey and the carrots are like this and
maybe the platter; the various fruits and breads and whatnot are
unaffected.  I think the turkey and carrots were created in Inkscape
0.38 or 0.39.

So it's actually the previous versions that had it wrong, then?

> These are some of the affected images:
>   turkey_on_platter_01.svg
>   turkey_platter_01_with_fruit_and_vegitables_01.svg

Those two were my work.  I was doing a "Closed for Thanksgiving" sign
and needed a graphic for it.

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