[Clipart] transparent turkeys

Stephen Silver ocalocal at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 7 01:37:11 PST 2005

Jon Phillips wrote:

> Nicu Buculei wrote:

> > probably the real problem is for us to:
> > - replace the known broken images in our repository;
> > - find and correct other broken images.
> Ok...sounds like a plan. We could maybe do this from commandline to find them:
> find OpenClipart/ -name "*.svg" | xargs grep -l "fill-opacity:0.75000000;"
> Here are the files I found that might be afflicted with this problem. Hence,
> some files might just have this fill-opacity by design...It appears that there
> are 839 files that have this fill-opacity in them. Is there are more robust
> test for this error so that we can see if we are fixing the files?

I think you can use "url.*fill-opacity:0.75000000;" instead of
"fill-opacity:0.75000000;", because the bug only affects gradients
and patterns, and these are referenced by url.  This should cut down
the number a bit, but there will probably still be hundreds of files
to look through.  And looking at a few of them, my impression is that
they are all broken (though sometimes this is not obvious until you
load them up in Inkscape 0.39 to see how they were supposed to look).

So the problem is much more widespread than I expected.  But the fix
can probably be automated: replace every "fill-opacity:0.75000000;"
by "fill-opacity:1;" when it occurs on the same line as "fill:url".
This should make the image look the same as Inkscape 0.39 shows it.
I intend to try this out later.

Stephen Silver

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