[Clipart] transparent turkeys

Stephen Silver ocalocal at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 7 08:07:11 PST 2005

Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:

> "Stephen Silver" <ocalocal at btinternet.com> writes:
> > So the problem is much more widespread than I expected.  But the fix
> > can probably be automated: replace every "fill-opacity:0.75000000;"
> > by "fill-opacity:1;" when it occurs on the same line as "fill:url".
> > This should make the image look the same as Inkscape 0.39 shows it.
> > I intend to try this out later.

I count 285 different files with this problem (or 487 if duplicates
are included).

But I've since found that there are files suffering from this problem
with fill-opacity different from 0.75, e.g., scorpion-md-v0.1.svg and
addressed_envelope_with_stamp_01.svg.  This increases the total to 406
images (or 628 if duplicates are included), if the transparency really
is unintentional in all of these.

> Off the top of my head...
> perl -e '
>    fix("openclipart-0.09");
> sub fix {
>   my ($dir) = @_;
>   for $f (<$dir/*>) {
>     if (-d $f) { fix($f);
>     } elsif ($f =~ /svg$/i) {
>        open SVG, "<", $f; open TMP, ">", "temp"; my $line=0;
>        while (<SVG>)     {
>           ++$line;
>           if (/fill:url/) {
>              s/fill-opacity:0.75000000;/fill-opacity:1;/g

For the more general case


would presumably do it.

>              print "$f line $line\n";
>           }
>           print TMP $_;  }
>        close SVG; close TMP;
>        `mv temp $f`;
>     }}}
> '

I found while looking at these files that some of them are also
suffering from Inkscape bug #1048268, so that they don't display
at all with Adobe or Batik.  This bug can be fixed by removing all
occurrences of the line
in files that do not have the string "xmlns:inkscape".

Another of the files (otto_02.svg) won't display because it uses
sodipodi:absref without xmlns:sodipodi - presumably another Inkscape
bug, though this one doesn't seem to have been reported, so it may
still exist in Inkscape 0.40.

Stephen Silver

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